Missouri Magic


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Missouri Magic


Behind Celesta Montgomery’s angelic beauty was a razor-sharp mind—and a secret identity as Montgomery Lester, the creator of Sally Sharpe, Rue-Blue Girl Detective. But never had the alluring authoress encountered a villain as colorful as Damon Frye! A seductive scoundrel with an unsavory past, he possessed a smoldering sensuality and the power to entice any woman into his embrace. Celesta knew she must resist his dangerous, hypnotic charm until she solved the real-life mystery of his perplexing past… and before she lost her heart and surrendered, body and soul, to the hero of her dreams come true, whose first passionate kiss had brought her to the brink of rapture.


Damon could hardly believe his good fortune! Amid rumor shocking scandal, he’d come home to Hannibal only to discover an ebony-haired enchantress, beautiful beyond his wildest desires. Her emerald eyes teased him with untold secrets, even as her bewitching beauty tempted him to kiss every inch of her sweet, curvaceous form. And when he learned that she was penning the adventure stories he loved so well, he knew he must possess her. From steamy summer days on the Mississippi to exciting midnight trysts, he’d pursue the lady of his fantasies and prove to her that love on paper couldn’t hold a candle to the demanding caresses of a real-life romantic hero…in the flesh!

This title has originally been published by Zebra Heartfire in 1992 (ISBN 9780821739709).

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