Charlotte Hubbard’s Backlist

Angels of Mercy series — These stories are much like the Little House on the Prairie books—faith and family tales, set when Kansas was becoming a state. I love the West, so this was a natural fit for me. I truly enjoyed writing those character-driven, emotional stories about the Malloy family and watching as the kids in the first book, A PATCHWORK FAMILY, grew up in the stories that followed it. Although that series only lasted for four of the seven books I had envisioned, readers still write to me today when they find the books in used bookstores or now in e-editions. That’s awfully gratifying!

A Patchwork Family

Book 1

Journey to Love

Book 2

Angel's Embrace

Book 3

Gabriel's Lady

Book 4

The Love Secret series — Unfortunately, this series was doomed before it even got off the ground, so only this one book got written. That happens in the publishing business. LAW OF ATTRACTION is set on the Oregon coast, where I love to vacation. You’ll meet Lenore St. Claire, a spiritual Tarot advisor who shares her love and the rooms in her Harmony Falls inn with folks who have taken unexpected detours along their life paths. This contemporary romance is still spiritual in nature, and should appeal to those who enjoy such books as The Secret, The Shack, Conversations with God, which allow us to search beyond our basic beliefs in God and how His world works today!

Law of Attraction

Book 1

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