Colorado Captive


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Colorado Captive

Cripple Creek, Book 1


Her lush beauty hidden by a disguise, eighteen-year-old Emily Burnham came to the rough-and-tumble mining town of Cripple Creek determined to catch the murderous scoundrel who’d shot her father. Then devastatingly handsome Matt McClanahan breezed into town—and she knew she’d found her man. Masquerading as a maid in a high class tavern, Emily vowed to make him pay for what he’d done… until she stumbled upon him in his private bath—naked as the day he was born! Never had she beheld such rippling, rockhard muscles, such amusing male magnificence! As she began scrubbing his back, her pent-up passions exploded within her, and she burned to feel Matt’s caresses all over her own enraptured body!


Rub-a-dub-dub! Matt couldn’t believe his good fortune when the luscious, amber-eyed serving wench burst in! He had half a mind to seduce her then and them but serious business had brought him to Colorado, and pleasure would have to-wait. Then again, waiting was no fun, so he pulled the suspiciously unservant-like minx down into the sudsy water, her uniform clinging to each and every creamy curve. Malt knew that whoever this flaxen-haired flower really was, she belonged to him! He’d taste those ruby lips, roam those lissome limbs, and discover rapture in a never-ending night of exquisite ecstasy in her arms!

This title has originally been published by Zebra Heartfire in 1991 (ISBN 9780821732847).

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