WINTER OF WISHES Is Now Available!

Winter of WishesAt long last, a year after we read Miriam’s story in AUTUMN WINDS, it’s time to learn about Rhoda Lantz’s turn at romance! Her story is totally different from her sister Rachel’s, as Rhoda finds the man of her dreams while looking at ads posted on the bulletin board in Zook’s Market—and is in immediate trouble.

Before she’s even hung up from talking with Andy Leitner, asking about the job caring for his two kids after school, along with his aging mom, just the timbre of his voice whispers to her lonely heart, calling up forbidden longings. Word gets out about her English employer . . . a secret kiss in the moonlight . . . and Rhoda may well be shunned. Rest assured that Bishop Hiram Knepp finds ways to make Rhoda’s life miserable—and a few of HIS secrets, after the sleighing accident of his two 5-year-old twins, will get the folks of Willow Ridge up in arms, as well.

And, oh yes! Miriam and Ben will get married on New Year’s Day, but their ceremony will be interrupted by even more surprises. If you think Willow Ridge goes into hibernation during the cold winter months, think again!

I’d love to hear what you think of this story–feel free to post on my Charlotte Hubbard Facebook page, or to post a review on, Amazon and other online bookstores. Thank you so much for your interest in my Seasons of the Heart series!


  1. Tamara Clines

    I love your Seasons of the Heart series, and was wondering if there is to be a 4th one. Left me wanting to learn more about Rhoda & Andy. Also how things turn out for Rebecca (Tiffany) Thanks

  2. Joan Crouch

    Hi Charlotte,
    Just finished Winter of Wishes. I hope you will continue with Rhoda and Andy because I just have to know if he becomes Amish and also the kinner lol. I read books with my Android and last night the battery went dead just as Andy’s ex shows up. Well this morning I finished it and can’t wait for another series. A very well written book and I will try to get some of the others that I haven’t read. Thanks again for wonderbar reading…..Joan


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