A Valentine for YOU!

I sometimes get the most AMAZING, heart-stopping pix in emails from friends! I don’t have the credits for this one, except I believe it was taken by a 15-y-o photographer, fortunate enough—and skilled enough—to see a rare albino hummingbird and capture it on film. If only we would all see such beauty within ourselves–for it is there! And if only we would envision the same uniqueness we see in this exquisite shot as we look in the mirror.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love your neighbor as yourself . . . but love yourself every bit as much as you love others, too.


  1. Barbara Gauthier

    I just finished reading your book Summer of Secrets. Loved it. Keep them coming.

  2. Sue Hallett

    A friend loaned me “Summer of Secrets”. What a fun and engaging book. I can’t wait for Autumn Winds. Bless you for writing beautiful Christian based books.

    • Naomi King

      Thanks so much, Sue! You probably noticed that I also have another Amish series that debuts, end of this month: ABBY FINDS HER CALLING kicks off my “Home at Cedar Creek” books…just in case you’d like another book before AUTUMN WINDS comes out in September! Always nice to have readers who take the time to send me a note!

  3. Nancy

    I was one happy person when I finished reading “SUMMER of SECRETS.Only thing I like better than reading a GOOD amish book is cooking good food. I really got my money’s worth on this book. One of the best amish books I have read lately,and lots of recipes at the end.Not just 1 or 2 but a bunch. You may end up being my Favorite Author.


    • Naomi King

      Wow, Nancy, what a lovely thing to say! I emailed you the “trail” to my other, earlier books. Be aware that not all of them fit the inspirational genre–but if you liked SUMMER OF SECRETS, I can guarantee you’ll also like A PATCHWORK FAMILY, JOURNEY TO LOVE, ANGEL’S EMBRACE, and GABRIEL’S LADY, which are also faith-and-family based titles…out of print now, but available in e-versions. And I just happen to have a few copies of them in my closet, should you prefer print. Let me know!


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