…and then I met this GOAT

2011 marks my 20th year as a published book-length author! I’m pleased to still be in the game, and tickled to be writing two Amish series for two different publishers! In a world where technology races ahead of us, making us spin so much faster just to keep up, it’s a joy to write about Old Order Amish characters whose faith and beliefs remain constant. I love to cook, I sew and crochet, I pressure can vegetables and make bread, and I married into a farm family, so the characters in my books reflect a lot of my own interests.

I’ve also had to research a lot of skills like buggy making, shoeing horses, and making rag rugs to write these stories. My latest adventure was finding a book—at Lowe’s–on how to raise GOATS. Overnight, four little kids made their way into AUTUMN WINDS (Seasons of the Heart, #2—9/12) and tripped up an arrogant bishop who needed to be put in his place! I love it when unexpected “finds” turn out to be just what my story needed—before I even knew it!

Make it a great day—and thanks for stopping by my new website!


  1. Megan Kelly

    What a cute idea as well as a gift. I’ve had similar things happen in my writing. I look forward to these books. Your site is perfect. Such a peaceful country moment. Good luck with them.

    • Naomi King

      Thanks for stopping by, Megan! It’s so good to hear from my MoRWA friends in Missouri–miss you all a lot!


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