Peppermint Bark

This is the easiest candy on the face of the earth, and a refreshing, crunchy addition to a goody tray.

1 package almond bark
1 ½ pounds of unwrapped peppermint starlight mints OR
3/4 lb. each of peppermint and spearmint starlights

Melt the chunked-up almond bark in a microwave or crockery cooker, stirring now and again until smooth. Meanwhile, place the unwrapped candies in a large resealable plastic bag, lay on top of a towel, and pound carefully with a hammer until all the mints are broken into coarse chunks. (Yes, the bag will get little holes in it. Helps to turn the bag over now and again.). Stir the crushed candies into the melted bark. Line a 10 x 17” pan with wax paper, then pour the hot candy into it and quickly spread it into a fairly even layer. Cool completely. Break into serving pieces. Store covered, in a plastic or wax-paper lined container, etc. in a cool, dry place. No need to refrigerate, but you can.

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