Colorado Moonfire


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Colorado Moonfire

Cripple Creek, Book 2


Vowing that no man would ever be her master, Irish beauty Lyla O’Riley stowed away on a ship bound for America. With a respectable job as a housekeeper at the Golden Rose saloon in Cripple Creek, the lissome colleen felt safe and independent—though somewhat starved for affection. Then one hot evening she stepped into the kitchen to loosen her confining corset and catch a breath of air. All of a sudden, the handsomest man she’d ever seen was staring at her exposed flesh—then kissing her. His hands were everywhere at once, and warmth seeped through her body like butter into hot bread. As the well-muscled intruder led her to the gates of paradise with his bold caresses, Lyla felt herself surrendering to his ardent embrace…just this once!


Rugged Marshal Barry Thompson was thoroughly enjoying his best friend’s wedding celebration at the Golden Rose, but he sure was glad he wasn’t the one getting hitched! Love ’em and leave ’em was the marshal’s motto. Then he spied a honey-haired minx in a lacy lavender gown that left little to his imagination. Felled by one mischievous glance from sparkling periwinkle eyes, Barry followed her—and captured her lips in a searing kiss. As he stroked her velvety curves and felt her supple body yielding to his fevered embrace, he knew he must possess her—then and there! Tomorrow he’d resume his stance as Cripple Creek’s most unattainable bachelor, but tonight he’d feel his passions soar in the arms of the beguiling and irresistible Lyla O’Riley!

This title has originally been published by Zebra Heartfire in 1992 (ISBN 9780821737309).

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