Oh, what fun it is to ride…

And I want YOU to ride along with me, later in this post! There might be a book in it for you.

You might be sweltering in the early summer heat, wondering what sort of meds I’m on if I’m rhapsodizing about a one-horse open sleigh. But the news here is good! My Kensington editor has invited both of me to write an Amish Christmas anthology. And because I couldn’t have a sleigh on the cover of my current WIP, WINTER OF WISHES, we’ve agreed this romantic vehicle will be featured in these two novellas and on the cover of AN AMISH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS, due out for the 2013 holiday season.

Sometimes the writing biz can be fun, you know it? Sometimes it’s pretty exciting to be me! I especially love it when an editor invites me to write an anthology we’re both excited about from the get-go. One novella will be written by Charlotte Hubbard and feature characters from my Seasons of the Heart series, and the other novella will be by Naomi King (the other me) with characters from her Home at Cedar Creek series. And these folks from Willow Ridge and Cedar Creek get to mingle at Christmas time, my favorite season to write about.

While it was wonderful to have my Kensington editor excited about this uniquely Me project, the better news is: when we asked my NAL editor, as a courtesy, if she was okay with me writing this book, she agreed—AND she offered me a new two-book contract for more Cedar Creek series books! It was a big week. Not only does this turn of events show my editors’ faith in my writing, but they’re willing to roll the dice that this long-running, lucrative wave of Amish fiction will hold out through 2014, when the second NAL book is due in.

So now, while I’m doing the final editing on WINTER OF WISHES (10/13) and meanwhile proofreading the galleys for ROSEMARY OPENS HER HEART (11/12), I’m also cogitating plots for these two Christmas novellas. My mind has been a very busy place since 2010 when I began writing two Amish series simultaneously, and this condition shows no sign of letting up.  I’m good with that!

Just for a lark, what are your favorite winter/romance scenarios? One of my novellas, Kissing the Bishop, will feature two older couples getting snowed in together as their romances blossom. My other story will involve playful Amish twin sisters, 17, and a set of brothers who are immediately drawn to them and can’t tell one from the other.
I would love to hear your plot/character suggestions as I prepare to write these synopses!
Email me at CharlotteHubbard10@gmail.com, and I’ll award one copy of SUMMER OF SECRETS and one copy of ABBY FINDS HER CALLING for the two suggestions I like the best.

OK—back to your summer day, and I’ll get back to my editing.


  1. Linda

    I loved “Summer of Secrets”!!! Oh, what a wonderful character Miriam was – such a gutsy lady and so sweet!!! Can’t wait to read the next one in the series. So glad there is a series!!!
    Love your writing.

    • Charlotte Hubbard

      Thank you so much for your compliment, Linda! You’ll enjoy Miriam’s romance come September, AUTUMN WINDS, and of course she still figures into Rhoda’s story, WINTER OF WISHES, as well. I’ve got some wonderful things in store for Miriam in these books, and I’m sure you’ll like the fine, fun fellow she hooks up with, too. And of course, I’m doing my best to get another contract for more Willow Ridge stories.

  2. Dorrice Wallis

    As I finished reading Rosemary Opens Her Heart I saw the news that the next book would be released in 2013. However, I still don’t see it. Naomi, I am feeling bereft! I want so badly to see a followup to the first two books. And Charlotte, how about one more book dealing with the Willow Ridge folk, as Breath of Spring didn’t really finish them. Please!

    • Charlotte Hubbard

      Hi, Dorrice!

      You’re not the only one to be confused about #3 of the Cedar Creek series, because the publisher began a new “sub-series” and named it One Big Happy Family (it’s a sort of Amish Brady-Bunch idea because I’ve introduced a new blended/remarried family. AMANDA WEDS A GOOD MAN is the book you’re looking for there!
      This series will be complete in Nov. when EMMA BLOOMS AT LAST appears.

      As for the Seasons of the Heart series, I’m not nearly finished with the folks in Willow Ridge! In February, HARVEST OF BLESSINGS will follow as #5, and THE CHRISTMAS CRADLE will be #6 in October (2015). I’ve just submitted 3 more proposal ideas, hoping to get a new contract to keep more books coming after those! And–in case you missed it–AN AMISH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS has a couple of stories that mix and match both of my series!

      You can always check my website wwwCharlotteHubbard.com for the latest upcoming book news. Better yet, on the home page of the site, bottom left, you can sign up for my e-newsletter which comes out to announce each book. If you’re on Facebook, you can also Friend me as Charlotte Hubbard and Like my Naomi C. King author page, because I often post about my new books there.

      Thanks so much for your question and your compliments, Dorrice! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying both of my series!


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